No one begrudges a company that just wants to make a fair buck, and that’s what we here at xStor want to do. We want to be a profitable, ethical, healthy company that puts customers and employees first — ahead of the almighty bottom line. When a company develops products and solutions that make it impossible for you to go anywhere else, that’s not good business, that’s taking hostages. They hold your business and your business data hostage by introducing vendor locks to their hardware and software. They extort you with hefty annual “maintenance” and “service” contracts and egregious licensing fees that, over time, can easily double or triple your original costs for storage.

xStor refuses to play that game!

Everyone needs reliable data storage and a vendor that stands behind their gear, but you shouldn’t have to hemorrhage cash from every orifice for that privilege. We guarantee that you’ll never be blindsided with hidden costs, fees, contracts, maintenance, or licensing. When we give you a price, that’s what you’ll pay — not a penny more. We’ll support you, without fail, for the entire deployed life of your equipment.

How much data storage is in this small area alone?

We know there are a number of top-tier solutions out there, and they’re priced to match. xStor not only matches these vendors on features, performance, reliability and support, we do so at a fraction of the cost. With Petabyte-scale NAS and FC SAN pricing as low as $0.19/GB — delivered, installed, and configured (soup-to-nuts!) — you can’t afford NOT to consider xStor. We have the absolute highest-density solutions in the storage universe. xStor sets the record with nine petabytes (9PB!) of raw enterprise storage crammed into a single 42U rack!

Your data is the lifeblood that your business depends upon to stay alive and compete. xStor Homogenized Storage lets you run your business the way you see fit. Our solutions don’t force you to make adjustments and changes in the way you do business, but rather the opposite is true. xStor fits around your business, not the other way around. Why get stuck with a NAS-only, or a SAN-only solution? Why buy different solutions for different needs? Our Homogenized Storage gives you the power to configure part or all of it as you see fit, on-the-fly, without spending another penny! If you have applications or types of data that are better served by Fibre Channel Block I/O, that capability is built into every xStor solution. If you don’t have FC Fabric installed, but still need Block I/O, that’s OK! We offer FCoE and iSCSI in the box. SMB? Check! CIFS? Check! FTP? Check! NFS? Check! AppleTalk? Check!

Every single one, in every single box we sell. No licensing hassles, no upgrades, no headaches, no problems.