Handling WarpedShrunken and Damaged Film

Film base degradation (aka “Vinegar Syndrome”) causes old film to become severely warped, making it extremely difficult to scan – its digital output is typically geometrically distorted and poorly focused.

Lasergraphics ScanStation and Director 10K motion picture film scanners were specifically engineered to gently scan your most severe “Triple D” (i.e., Damage, Degradation, and Decomposition) archive film with minimal distortion and maximum focus. Triple D archive film is characterized by split, damaged or missing perforations; high film shrinkage; stretched film segments; rigidity; brittleness; and severe warping.

These problems necessitate, from a preservation and conservation perspective, that severely damaged film be scanned only once. Being forced to re-scan invaluable reels of fragile film is potentially courting disaster.

Lasergraphics’ Damaged Film Technology ensures that you get a great scan the first time, every time — without risking further damage to your film.

Shrunken and warped film does not lay flat on a line scan Film Gate like in the DFT Scanity HDR, resulting in bad or inconsistent focus:

Telecine Can't Handle Warped Film
By comparison, the Director 10K Film Gate gently holds warped film flat on all 4 sides with a polished chrome pressure plate for superior full-frame uniform focus. Its sprocketless and pinless polished chrome film transport can easily handle film shrunken up to an astonishing 4.5%:

Director 10K Warped Film Handling

Film base degradation (aka Vinegar Syndrome) causes film to become severely warped, making it difficult to scan.

When very rigid warped film rises above the film gate during the scanning process, the digital output becomes geometrically distorted and the focus is non-uniform.

Rigid Film on Gate

The custom Warped Film Gate and Rollers for the ScanStation hold warped film flat with a spring-loaded polished chrome pressure plate to dramatically improve geometric stability and focus uniformity. It accepts film shrunken by as much as 5.5%!

Scanstation 16mm Warped Film Gate

The Lasergraphics line of motion picture film scanners are the only scanners in the world to achieve excellent geometric stability and corner-to-corner focus from shrunken and severely warped Triple D archive film.

FINAL SCORE:  Lasergraphics – 1, Vinegar Syndrome – 0