In Q3 2018, Czech TV launched a comprehensive public tender to acquire a high-end motion picture film scanner (“scanner”). This tender was unique in that Czech TV developed what is perhaps the most stringent, highly detailed pre-purchase scanner testing methodology ever performed to determine which scanner produced the best results under a variety of scanning conditions. They first narrowed their selection down to four scanner finalists to include in the test: the ARRI ARRISCAN XT (“ARRI”), the DFT Scanity HDR (“Scanity”), the Digital Vision GoldenEye (“GoldenEye”), and the Lasergraphics Director 10K (“D10K”).

The same reels of film were scanned at the factories of the four film scanner manufacturers under close observation by two highly qualified third-party consultants. The consultants (a DOP and a film archiving expert from NFA) were engaged by Czech TV to bring objective independence to the process, avoid any possible conflicts of interest, and ensure that the manufacturers’ scanner operators had no opportunity to manipulate any of the scan data.

The consultants instructed each scanner manufacturer to use its best scanner, have its best engineer/operator perform the scan tests, and give each operator the freedom needed to generate the best possible high-resolution scans. The identical frames from the same test films from multiple film gauges and stocks were scanned on each scanner. The frames were output in 100% UNCOMPRESSED RAW 16-bit color TIFF files, to eliminate potential differences due to CODEC variations. This methodology provided the most fair and optimal conditions to essentially guarantee the best possible results that each scanner was capable of producing.

More than FOUR TERABYTES (4TB) of data were generated, all of which needed to be critically and fairly compared to comply with strict Czech laws regulating public tenders. The data from the four film scanner tests were compared by an 8-person Czech TV evaluation team in an exhaustive “blind comparison” evaluation. The two consultants also attended the evaluation to provide detailed information regarding the 4 manufacturers’ scanning processes.

Following the blind comparison evaluation, ONE scanner came out at the top in EVERY image quality comparison: the Lasergraphics Director 10K. The D10K had superior resolution, better color rendition, less noise, and consistently reproduced the most faithful image aspect ratio of the four competing scanners.

As the comparison evaluation was a critical part of Czech TV’s open, PUBLIC tender, ALL data, testing methodologies, and findings are 100% transparent and made available to the general public. Accordingly, Galileo Digital has obtained all 4TB of the test data and the signed Czech TV final report. 

For your download and review, we proudly submit the following PDF file containing an Executive Summary of the Czech TV report, the original signed report (in the Czech language), a full certified English translation, as well as selected comparison images.

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