Lasergraphics high resolution motion picture film scanners generate an incredible amount of data with each reel of scanned film. A single reel of 5K DPX can be multiple terabytes (TB) in data, and all that data needs to be securely stored. In addition to the massive capacity required, the scanners are able to output that data at scorching rates — over 2GB (big “B”) per second — pushing 30 Gb/s per scanner! That will bring any paltry 10 GbE network to its knees and make your I.T. gurus curl-up into the fetal position. The most robust SAN will have difficulty ingesting data at the rate even the entry-level Lasergraphics Scanstation Personal is capable of pushing. These punishing performance and capacity demands require storage that is designed specifically for film digitization workflows, and that’s where Metastor comes in.

Metastor is the only storage manufacturer that has dedicated hundreds of man-hours at the Lasergraphics manufacturing facility developing and testing dedicated storage solutions for every Lasergraphics film scanner they make. From dedicated Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) at the entry-level, to the latest and greatest 32Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN and 40GbE fiber ethernet NAS and iSCSI. Metastor provides the only certified storage for Lasergraphics products and mates these solutions specifically to your scanner at the factory, delivering true plug-and-play capacity and performance suited to every workflow and budget.

Additionally, Galileo, Lasergraphics and Metastor work closely with Covalent Media Systems and their production and media asset management software solutions, likewise certified to run on Metastor storage products.