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The fastest way to make film available in digital form from the world’s best, most complete line of motion picture film scanners!
Lasergraphics Director 10K Lasergraphics ScanStation Lasergraphics ScanStation Personal
Features Director 10K ScanStation ScanStation Personal
100% USA Manufactured and Supported  Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Resolution – 35mm Film 10K 5.1K 5.1K
Maximum Resolution – 16mm / Super16mm Film 10K 5.1K 2.5K
Maximum Resolution – 8mm / Super8mm Film 10K 5.1K 1.2K
Automatic Focus  Yes Yes Yes
Optical Magnification Optical Zoom Optical Zoom Fixed
3-Flash and 2-Flash HDR for Color and B&W Film Yes No No
Kodak Infrared (IR) Digitall ICE Dustbusting (DICE) Yes No No
Diffuse Light to Optically Remove Scratches from Images  Yes Yes Yes
Diffuse Light to Optically Remove Scratches from Soundtracks  Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Scanning Speed 10 fps 60 fps 30 fps
File Formats – Standard  35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm 35mm
File Formats – Optional  28mm, 17.5mm, 9.5mm 28mm, 17.5mm, 9.5mm 16mm, Super 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm, 28mm, 17.5mm, 9.5mm
Sprocketless and Pinless Film Transport  Yes Yes Yes
Film Shrinkage Tolerance  4.50% 5.50% 5.50%
Severely Warped 35mm Film Handling Yes Optional No
Severely Warped 16mm Film Handling Yes Optional No
Severely Warped 8mm Film Handling Yes Optional No
2D Optical Registration for Perfect Stabilization  Yes Yes Yes
Generates Multiple Outputs Simultaneously from a Single Scan  Yes Yes Yes
Simple Workflow, No Manual Adjustments   Yes Yes Yes
Cool LED Lights (no heat damage to film)  Yes Yes Yes
Polished Chrome Film Path  Yes Yes Optional
Optical Sound Reader  Optional Yes Optional
KeyKode Reader  Optional Yes Optional
Magnetic Sound Readers  No Optional Optional
Built-in Color and Dye Fade Correction  Yes Yes Yes
Generates Graded, Sound Sync’d ProRes (and other movie files) without Post-processing  Yes Yes Yes
Generates DPX and TIFF Files without Post-processing Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Failed Splice Recovery to Repair Splices and Film Breaks Without Removing Film from Scanner (enables scanning to continue automatically without jumps in the images and audio) Yes Yes Optional
Free standing Yes Yes No (Table Top)
Built-in Editing / Splicing Table  No Yes No
Modular Design for Easy Upgrade and Maintenance  Yes Yes Yes
Operates in Normal Office Environment (no special air conditioning required)  Yes Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes Yes
Positive Air Pressure System Yes No No
Host Computer Yes Yes Yes
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Cables  Yes Yes Yes
Film Scanner Control Software  Yes Yes Yes
Trade-up Program Shipping Today  No Yes (to Director Film Scanner) Yes (to ScanStation or Director Film Scanner)
Shipping Today Yes Yes Yes