Covalent Media Systems provides a secure environment for encrypting, managing, securing and sharing any asset, both inside and outside the firewall, online or offline, anywhere on any type of device. It employs fast, reliable, and intuitive asset management tools with deep search capabilities, including the ability to find related media via its simple metadata-driven visual interface.

Combining best-in-class data security and critical functionality into its hybrid architecture, Covalent’s team has developed a platform that is flexible and scalable from an enterprise-level cloud or on-premise architecture down to a single user deployment. While Covalent provides a complete solution, the platform’s modularity enables it to tailor-fit any client’s environment, at any level of deployment, and seamlessly integrate with any existing architecture.Covalent Content Platform

Since 2009, Covalent has secured content for more than 700 film productions, including 23 Academy Award winning projects, in 40 countries around the globe. Covalent provides enormous savings and immediate ROI to its clients – Fortune 1000 companies, Hollywood studios, and film archives – by enabling them to easily, quickly, and affordably operationalize the system’s secure storage, organization, encryption, fast transfer of large data files, and permissions-based display of critical data. For one major studio alone, Covalent manages a portfolio valued at several billion dollars, efficiently organizes its 6 million metadata fields, and enables secured global access to more than 400,000 viewable assets.

Covalent’s best-in-class proprietary software and utilities enable real-time production dailies and archive previews, metadata creation, full backup, and accelerated file transfer. Files of any size and type can be transferred directly to editorial storage as they are processed rather than waiting a full day for completion, thereby saving 4+ hours of transfer time.

Covalent brings military grade AES 256-bit encryption, multiple layers of protection, and secure file transfer with deep and dynamic authentication and authorization privileges to every type of asset, on any device, inside or outside the firewall. Covalent extends that military-grade encryption dynamically, making every click secure. In addition, its platform supports “dynamic at-rest encryption,” wrapping a second layer of security around each individual asset while in transit or when static.

The Covalent Media PlatformBut Covalent’s platform security capabilities don’t stop there! From its deep user/device authentications to its dynamic access URLs to its mobile app, Covalent’s data security platform delivers a holistic, 360-degree protection capability that manages your entire information supply chain – with speed and reliability.

Secure web and mobile applications allow users to quickly and efficiently view, search, and share multiple layers of documents, and media files. Every document and media file is tracked with deep metadata. This creates intuitive connections between items from the same project offering a powerful new approach to content management.

Covalent’s suite of advanced content management tools, designed for and with world-class production studios and film archives, makes administrative tasks a snap – from metadata imports, to dynamic user/device access permissions, to fast large file transfers, to state-of-the-art video transcoding and publishing, to folder hierarchy creations.

Covalent has been a proven and trusted partner with some of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers, protecting and managing their entire supply chain of assets (both internally and with external vendors), from pre-production contracts and scripts, to raw footage dailies, to final cut archives. Covalent’s agility and flexibility has enabled its clients to innovate custom solutions, including the monetization of stock footage and facilitation of marketing and publicity efforts.

Indeed, Covalent Media Systems has reinvented the way global production studios and film archives will create, secure, access and distribute media worldwide for a new generation.