Automatic Failed Splice Recovery AFSR
Automatic Failed Splice Recovery on the Lasergraphics ScanStation 5K

Lasergraphics’ patented Automatic Failed Splice Recovery (“AFSR“) eliminates the headaches caused by failed splices and breaks of old film during the scanning process.

When a splice fails – or the film breaks – the Lasergraphics software asks you if the scan has completed or if you wish to continue the scanning process. If a failed splice or broken film caused the scanner to stop, you merely click Continue the Scanning Process.

You repair the splice without removing the film reels from the scanner, re-thread the film, and click Continue Scanning.

Automatic Failed Splice Recovery (AFSR)
Repairing failed splices is tedious work, made even worse when it happens while scanning!

The system automatically reloads the film, identifies the last scanned digital frame, locates that frame on the film, and restarts scanning the images (and sound). Should subsequent splices fail or should the film break again, the process can be automatically repeated until the entire reel is scanned.

AFSR easily and quickly results in a single continuous digital sequence with no jumps in the images and sound – and without the need for any manual editing, even if the film breaks multiple times during the scanning process.

With AFSR, you NO LONGER have to:

  • Remove the film reel from the scanner after the film breaks.
  • Perform a manual rewind of the reel every time a break in the film is repaired.
  • Re-start the scan from the beginning of the reel every time a break in the film is repaired.
  • Manually edit and rejoin the separate digital portions after the entire reel has been scanned.
AFSR dramatically improves your workflow – hence, your productivity – for scanning old film.
–On to the next reel!